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At Sutton Swim School, we provide a safe environment where careful instruction is given to students to acquire an understanding and respect of the water while learning how to move through it efficiently and effectively. We teach floating before anything else because floating promotes comfort, teaches body control and provides a fundamental understanding of the water. We encourage correct body position and core engagement as early as possible to build a strong foundation while indirectly correcting other issues the student may have. When introducing a new skill, we fully assist the student while performing the skill to decrease the possibility of developing bad habits. This method also promotes the student’s use of muscle memory to properly learn the new skill.

A student’s physical growth can alter their ability to perform skills and activities that they once mastered so it is important to continually review the core skills. We understand how complicated it can be, physically and mentally, for students to make corrections when performing full strokes. Accordingly, the strokes are broken down into individual drills that are strategically incorporated throughout the levels.

We believe in lifelong learning and constant improvement. We are always expanding our methods to teach and improving our ability to provide the best possible experience for our students. We strive to provide our students with an environment that they can constantly explore their abilities, so they may better their swimming adventure!

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