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Our Water Quality: The Cleanest Water on the West Coast!

Did you know that Sutton Swim School has the cleanest water on the West Coast?

State of The Art Facility

While building our state-of-the-art facility, we took extra steps to make sure we were providing your family with the best water quality possible! We invested in a Neptune Benson Filter which can trap debris as small as 3 microns, which is smaller than what you can see with the naked eye! Our water turnover rate is 6 times faster than the required rate, which means consistently cleaner water. The pump room is also equipped with an automated chemical control system that feeds chlorine into the pool ONLY as needed, making for a pool that takes into consideration those with sensitive skin. Along with the automated chemical control system, we also have a UV system that cleans and neutralizes the water to keep us free of E coli and similar bacteria without using additional harsh chemicals.

Pictured above: Our Neptune Benson Diatomaceous Earth Filter in our pump room.

No Foggy Days

When you enter the pool deck, you may notice that there is no fog or condensation. That is because we have installed a dehumidification system that keeps the humidity low. This system requires cooling and we take advantage of this by pumping pool water through the cooling units. This process heats water which we pump into our pool rather than use of a natural gas heater. Since we have opened this facility in March 2016, we have not used our traditional pool heaters and the water keeps at a comfortable 91 degrees or higher. If you want to know more about our pump room, we will be offering tours and additional

information during the first week of December by our AFO certified employee, Derek, and the owner, Earl Sutton.

To register for classes, tour our facility, or learn more about Sutton Swim School call 408-996-9800 or visit us at

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