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What to Expect on your first day

What to Wear?
Please bring swim trunks for the boys and one-piece bathing suits for the girls. Goggles are required for all students and can be purchased in our retail area. Rash guards and swim caps are optional, though we recommend against wearing rash guards as they restrict mobility. Please do not wear jewelry in the pool as it can easily fall off and jam our pump system. Students that are not potty-trained must wear a disposable swim diaper under a non-disposable swim diaper.

Checking In
When arriving for your child’s lesson, avoid sending your children to check in by themselves. This allows us to inform you of any changes or charges regarding your lessons and ensures that your child is checked in properly.

What If My Child Cries?
It’s normal for children to cry on their first day. On average, it takes about three classes for a child to start to become comfortable in the water, but it can vary. Once the children become accustomed to their new teacher,
environment, and routine, they realize that swimming lessons are fun!

Pulling a child out of class is never recommended. Although it can be difficult for parents, having your child complete the class is the best way for them to overcome their fears.

Facility policies


We ask that no Band-Aids or lotions be worn while in the pool. The use of either can clog our filters and reduce our water quality. We also request that shoes be removed before walking onto the pool deck, to reduce the risk of contamination to our pool water. Please help us keep our facility clean by only consuming food and gum in the lobby area, and picking up after yourself.


Please keep the bathroom hallways clear of strollers and people. In the event of an emergency, such obstacles can pose a danger to safely exiting the building. This is a request from the local Fire Marshall.


As a courtesy to all guests, nudity is not permitted in the shower areas. This includes infants and toddlers. Please refrain from taking photos or videos in the bathrooms to respect the privacy of other customers.

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