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What's So Special About Beginners?

Updated: May 18, 2019

This is a level for children who have little to no experience swimming. While your child is in our Beginner stage, they are working on such skills as self-submersion, front and back floats, and glides.

Front floats (pictured above) help children learn balance and muscle control.

Water is Your Friend

We want to make sure children are relaxed and are not afraid to put their face in the water before we introduce any major skills; this is why we teach self-submersion in the early beginner stage. Our Beginner stage is taught at a slower pace because we are working on comfort and trust with the child. Everything in this level must be voluntary, which can take time as they build confidence as well as a relationship with their teacher.

First Day Jitters

You may notice on your child’s first day of class that they are uncomfortable or scared. Children usually feel this way due to a new environment, it is the first time being away from their parents, and a fear of the water. These feelings usually subside within two to three classes, but sometimes they last longer. Before your child’s first lesson, prepare them by telling them what the class will consist of, doing activities such as practice with goggles in the bath tub, and reassure them that you will be watching from the viewing area. It is still important to bring your child, even if they are fearful, to help them become comfortable in the water.

Moving Right Along

As soon as they are comfortable with putting their face in the water, we then move on to floats on their front and back. Front floats help children learn balance and muscle control. With these skills children will master their body position, setting a foundation for when they are ready to learn strokes. Back floats are necessary for safety as they are they are used for emergency breathing in our next level, Intermediate.

To get your beginner started call us at 408-996-9800 to schedule a consultation or visit us at to register.

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