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Get Your Baby Ahead of the Game!

Updated: May 17, 2019

Keeping your child safe and happy is our #1 goal here at Sutton Swim School.

Your baby will learn more than how to swim in our Baby Swim Class

Benefits of Baby Swim

Getting your child in the water as early as possible has many benefits, both mental and physical! Baby swimmers have better balance and are also better at grasping objects than non-swimmers. Multiple studies show that children who start swimming while very young are more developed in their reading and language skills, academics, and spatial awareness. Introducing your child to the water as early as possible also reduces a child’s risk of drowning by more than 80%!

Born Ready

Interestingly, babies possess something called ‘diver’s reflex’, the ability to submerge under water without aspirating it in. Instead of water filling their lungs, it is diverted to the stomach. The diver’s reflex includes the babies’ ability to kick their legs and move their arms instinctively.

Our Baby Swim Classes also provide time for you to bond with your baby!

Small Class Sizes

Because our lessons are maximum of six students, the children have a chance to socialize with others in their age range. Together they will learn how to balance in the water by doing activities, such as jumping in the pool, climbing on mats, and controlled submerging underwater. Other benefits of our activities include buoyancy, floating, and an introduction to emergency roll-overs.

The more the Merrier

At Sutton Swim School, we offer free baby lessons to children under 6 months old. Both parents are encouraged to join their baby in the water! If you have two children already enrolled in our classes, you will receive a 10% discount on all lessons by enrolling your third child! Let’s keep your children safer

To get your baby swimmer started call us at 408-996-9800 to schedule a consultation or visit us at

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