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Waitlists and You

We strive to ensure classes at the times that work best for your schedule! A large part of achieving that goal is accomplished through our waitlist system. We encourage you to keep your waitlists up to date with class times that work for you. While it costs you nothing to be on as many waitlists as you’d like, transfers beyond your first for the quarter are $10, so we recommend choosing your waitlists wisely.

Once you have accepted a class, your child remains on any other waitlists that they were on. If you are satisfied with your swimmer’s new class, we encourage you to remove your other waitlists. While we are happy to assist you in updating your waitlists, the parent portal makes dropping waitlists a breeze! Simply go to the Enrollments tab and select the waitlist you would like to drop. In addition, you can use the parent portal to enroll in a new class, or add your student to a waitlist through the lasses tab. A submitted request requires approval, so it will continue to appear in your enrollments until it is seen by our staff.

As always, if you have any questions, our customer service representatives are happy to assist you in person or on the phone at (408)996-9800.


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