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Total Immersion (TI): What is it?

Total Immersion is a training methodology used to teach swimmers how to improve their performance by learning how to move through the water more efficiently. This method utilizes a variety of drills to help the swimmer develop a better feel for moving through the water, as well as improving balance and body position. Total Immersion was developed by Terry Laughlin, a U.S. swimming coach and winner of five U.S. Masters National Open Water Championships. Two of our teachers, Sean and Paula Sutton, are certified Total Immersion instructors!

Total Immersion is a technique to learn how to swim more efficiently, not just physically, but mentally as well! This program relies on three steps: Three ‘C’s’: Comfort, Control, and Confidence, taking the path of least resistance, and moving from your core. The first step is similar to our beginner stage, as it focuses on becoming comfortable in the water and learning how to float! It also emphasizes three foundational skills, swim using less energy, improve continuously, and swim free of injury or pain.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only a third of American adults can swim the length of a 25-yard pool, and two percent can swim a continuous mile. The Total Immersion program is aimed at adults, those with swimming backgrounds, or those with none, to help rectify this. This program is created with that statistic in mind and is beneficial for adults who would like to swim better, stronger, and farther! For more information visit:

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