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Sutton Swim School is closed until April 7th due to COVID-19.


It is the mission of Sutton Swim School to provide the best possible experience to our customers through high quality, compassionate swimming instruction by caring, patient, well-trained instructors.


Through positive reinforcement and detailed practice of techniques, we build our customers' mental and physical fitness.

What Sets Us APART

Emphasis on Form

Traditional swim schools focus on strokes, but we focus on balance in the water to make sure the movement flows naturally and prevents injury from improper technique.

Students who are comfortable in the water progress faster than those who are not, so we emphasize comfort in our early levels to improve learning and keep kids happy!

Non Competitive Classes
While many schools stress the competition and fitness aspects of swimming, we believe that swimming is an essential life skill. Our classes reflect that belief by being non-competitive, and focusing on technique and fun instead!

Hands On Teaching

All of our teachers go through a rigorous training process, both in and out of the water. Through the use of hands on teaching, they help students engage their muscle memory, and add comfort and security to their swim lessons.

Swim Programs

Water Baby Lessons

Group Lessons




Our water baby lessons are a great way to introduce infants and toddlers to swimming. With Mom or Dad joining them in the pool, very young kids learn 
to be comfortable and confident in the water.

Beginning as young as age 3, kids will learn the  fundamentals of swimming in a fun, challenging environment under the
guidance of our experienced instructors.

In addition to our standard group lessons, we also offer private, semi-private, and adult lessons. We do not

recommend private classes for beginner levels, however, under certain conditions we can accommodate.

We also have classes for adults. Adult students will learn the fundamentals of swimming in a fun but challenging environment under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Class Stages


Beginner Stage

Advanced Stage

Certification Stage

Intermediate Stage

Stroke Stage

Program Completion

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“My toddler gets so excited on the mornings

we have class that when we pull into the
parking lot she starts yelling, "Pool! Pool!

Jamie M.


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