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When entering our facility, you will notice our large viewing area for our customers to comfortably sit and watch their children during their lessons. Our facility also has two fish tanks for the kids to enjoy before or after class. 


One of the fish tanks is located in our retail area, where we carry all that our families may need for their child’s lesson. 


The second fish tank is located in the back left of our facility in the kid’s area where we have kids’ tables and chairs, books, and a movie for the children to watch.

The entrance to our pool is through our restrooms, making the changing process easy for our families. The restrooms are temperature controlled to 90 degrees to keep our children warm after they get out of the water.


Our restrooms and shower area are floored with anti-slip tiles to keep our customers safe from falling. The floors in the bathrooms are also at a slight slant leading into covered drains to keep the floors as dry as possible.


Our restrooms are equipped with a total of 6 infant changing tables and one infant changing seat per restroom for our younger students. 


After exiting the pool, the shower area is conveniently located on the pool deck right before the restrooms, to further ease the changing process.


The Birth of Our School

The Sutton Swimmer

The Sutton Swimmer

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While building our brand-new state-of-the-art facility, we took extra steps to make sure we were providing our families with the best water quality possible! We invested in a Neptune Benson Filter which can trap debris as small as 3 microns.


Our water turnover rate is six times faster than the required rate, which means consistently cleaner water than your average pool. The pump room is also equipped with an automated chemical control system that feeds chlorine into the pool, only as needed, making the pool safe for those with sensitive skin.


Along with the automated chemical control system, we also have a UV system that cleans and neutralizes the water to keep us free of E Coli and similar bacteria without using additional harsh chemicals.


When you enter the pool deck, you may notice that there is no fog or condensation. This is because we have installed a dehumidification system that keeps the humidity low. This system requires cooling and we take advantage of this by pumping pool water through the cooling units. This process heats the water, which we pump into our pool rather than the use of a natural gas heater.


Since we have opened this facility in March 2016, we have not used traditional pool heaters, and the water keeps at a comfortable 91 degrees or higher.

96 N San Tomas Aquino Road
Campbell CA 95008

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